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We all know that accidental overspray of foam can cause a lot of problems when dealing
with spray foam insulation. Constructors that are savvy about their team, process and
equipment used to rely on Chem-Trend® Spray Foam Release to help mitigate those

We are now introducing Chem-Trend® Spray Foam Silicone. It is a new & improved aerosol product, replacing the popular Chem-Trend® Spray Foam Release. This preventative product works to help minimize issues in the field created by normal or accidental overspray of foam.

To use it, we suggest three light coatings of Chem-Trend® Spray Foam Silicone, allowing
each coating to dry before apply the next one. This will create the protective barrier needed to maximize the prevention of foam sticking to the surface. Re-apply as needed depending the severity of the work environment.