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CenterFire Table Saw Foam Blade - 8.25"

SKU: CC52-1508

MFG: Bullet Tools


$ 89.99

CenterFire Table Saw Foam Blade - 10

SKU: CC52-1508

MFG: Bullet Tools

$ 89.99

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Cut rigid foam to size without making a mess!

The dust free foam cutting line of CenterFire blades will keep the "snowman" (and blueman and pinkman) away. These are the only table saw blades which produce a high quality cut on EPS, XPS, and Poly-Iso foam without the mess. The Centerfire Table Saw blades have a patent-pending design which slices foam rather than sawing or melting like conventional methods.

Improved for 2015, these blades are now even more effective with a high tech ceramic coating. This coating, developed for advanced firearms and performance engines, reduces the force needed to push the blade through foam and practically eliminates foam residue & dust, making your job that much easier.

Winner of the Pro Tool Innovation Awards for 2014 and now 2015!

Fits 10" Tabl Saws and has max cutting depth of 2". 


  • Cuts EPS, XPS & Poly-Iso
  • Carbon steel body with high performance ceramic coating
  • Thermal-break design concentrates heat on the cutting edge for a factory quality cut





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