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Bafflo - 24" x 29"


MFG: Insulation Solutions, Inc.


$ 1.44

Bafflo - 24
Bafflo - 24 Bafflo - 24 Bafflo - 24


MFG: Insulation Solutions, Inc.

$ 1.44

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Soffit vents are designed to increase air movement and ventilation in an attic. However, during periods of strong wind and rain, these vents can wreak havoc on your attic’s insulation system. Batt blow-outs and soggy insulation often result from wind and rain that enters through the vents. The Bafflo is designed to eliminate these factors and enhance your system’s ability to insulate. It allows the installer to create a tight seal at the top plate that is not affected by air flow through the soffits. 


  • Prevents insulation from entering soffits
  • Promotes ventilation
  • Ensures good thermal seal at top plate
  • Bundles allow for easy shipping/storage


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